Why bother publishing? Why write my story at all? Honestly, I started writing “To Build A House” because each time I told someone about how crazy difficult our building process was, people would be captivated by the story. They would tell me “It can’t get any crazier,” and then, like Vince the guy that sells Shamwow products, I’d say “But wait! There’s more…” After this repeated itself quite a bit, I realized I had a pretty good story (although it wasn’t fun living it at the time).

I also realized that there was nothing like my story on the Internet. People love watching the HGTV style home renovations, but building a real, custom home on a real budget? Nobody sees that. I wanted to write my story because it proves that it is possible, and that with a bit of prep-work, you can build a custom home without a million dollar budget.

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